Bringing factories back to work across the U.S.

Our story begins with a marching band uniform factory in Delaware. G2 Performance was a successful small business founded on the principles of individuality, activity, and quality. They manufactured uniforms for marching athletes at every level from varsity to the international color guard. Everything was running perfectly until the pandemic forced schools and businesses across the country to shut down. Fearing for their employees and their families, G2 knew they would have to adapt to survive in the rapidly changing economy.

With unbelievable grit and determination, they repurposed their factory to begin sewing and distributing masks to address the worldwide need for personal protection against COVID-19. Making a needed product that helps others was in their DNA. Producing masks that aid people in protecting themselves while expressing their individuality was as natural a fit as the masks themselves.

We saw inspiration and promise in the story of G2. We worked with them to mobilize existing supply chains and rapidly expand production while also helping to design quality masks in a variety of designs for every individual.

And it didn’t stop with one factory. Aros has now helped to repurpose nine factories across the country, employing almost 300 people. Every component of our masks is manufactured and put together in the United States. Fabric from Tallapoosa, Georgia. Thread from Hartboro, Pennsylvania. Sewing in Newport, Delaware and Minneapolis. Cutting in Philadelphia and Atlanta. We strive to provide you with a product that not only will protect you during these weird times but also help to foster continued growth in the American manufacturing sector. Our masks are made for you and probably not too far from your home. 

We don’t know when things are going to go back to normal. But until they do, we are proud to produce masks made in America by people who choose to make quality products their livelihood.

Thank you for supporting our factories,

The Aros Team